December 1, 2013

Hair Growth Journey: Start Length Check

Hello beauties. A few days ago, I wrote all about my current haircare routine and let you know that today I am starting my hair growth journey. I am super excited for it because for as long as I can remember I loved long hair and wanted it to be waist length, but it never got that long. 

I started a hair growth journey sometime in summer but was missing my pills and the supposed routine as I had a lot of work and then went on vacation. Now I am back and ready to start over which means it is necessary to do a length check to have something to compare to next time I do an update.

So for the start of the journey, the length check shows that my hair is just below the bra line.

Other than the products I use usually for my hair I got a few things to specifically help my hair grow. During this journey I will obviously be getting some more things from time to time as I get to know about other amazing products that help keep hair healthy and help hair growth, so I will be updating you every 3 months on what has changed.

Here is what I got to start off:

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Let me know what you use to keep your hair healthy and help it grow.


  1. Good luck with your journey! =) I've had long hair since I remember, I cut them a bit in october (about your hair lenght) and I kinda miss them already, thankfully they grow pretty fast :) I don't use any special products, I guess they grow fast cause I never really use hot tools or tease stem and stuff like that. But see ya in 3 months (ok see ya also before but you know what i mean :D)

    1. Thank you beauty. I know it is going to take me a long time and dedication but I look forward to the results. Glad to have you stop by. x

  2. Oh I can't wait to watch as your hair grows and grows. You have a lovely blog. I have followed and cant wait to read more x

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