March 21, 2014

Hair Growth Journey: 3 Months Update

Hello beauties, 3 months have gone by since the start of my hair growth journey and the start length check. So it is finally time to update you on what I have changed with my routine and how much my hair has grown.

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In general, I have not changed products much as I realized I have quite a lot and have been trying to go through some of them before getting some more. So during these 3 months, I got only 2 new products: Timotei Organic Argan Oil, Almond Oil & Jasmine Extract Conditioner and Garnier Fructis 3 minutes Deep Repair Goodbye Damage Conditioner. If you would like to see my full haircare routine, you can read all about it or watch the video here.

Basically, my hair has not grown in the last 3 months. I am not sure of the reason for this because the average growth of human hair is 1/2 an inch per month, which means I should have gotten a 1.5 inch increase in length but didn't. I measured my hair from my ear lob to the end 3 months ago and measure it beginning of March, and it seems my hair hasn't grown at all. I measured it multiple times and one time it even seemed to me like it was shorter.

It may be that due to having my thesis due and running extremely late with it, I slacked on taking my biotin and cod liver oil capsules, as well as my weekly deep conditioning treatments using oils and conditioners. Or it may be for some other reasons. I am not entirely sure and as such will appreciate any tips, tricks and suggestions you could have for me as I really do want to get my hair longer.

You can watch a video of me rambling, and if you like it, why don't you give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

What are your tips?

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