April 7, 2014

Review: MAC Pressed Pigment in Flicker

Hello beauties.  Today, I am reviewing the MAC Pressed Pigment in Flicker. Almost everyone loves MAC products. Do you love MAC? I do, even though I have just a few. Although we do not have MAC counters in Latvia, I was lucky enough to be sent this product by my friend Luchessa of Beauty Expression by Luchessa.

MAC Pressed Pigment
MAC Pressed Pigment
MAC Pressed Pigment in Flicker
MAC Pressed Pigment Flicker Swatch
MAC Pressed Pigment in Flicker blended

The product is a powder which is firm to the touch due to it being pressed, and comes in a round plastic container which is easy to use or carry around. It is a vanilla shade which is very shimmery and has glitter in it, so I personally feel like it is more of a night time or going out eyeshadow. I have seen people using something similar but in loose powder form as a highlighter. I haven't tried using it as a full on highlighter as I think the glitter would be a bit over the top. 

The product is very pigmented but can easily be blended as shown in the picture above so you can wear it dry if you would just like to add some shine. I have worn it on top of my eyeshadow look by lightly brushing it on. You can also use it wet by applying it on your eye lid right after an eyeshadow base in order to make the colour more vibrant for a dramatic look. I guess it all depends where you are going.

When applying this pressed pigment, there may be some fall out. I really don't mind it with this shade as I usually just dust off a bit and then blend out whatever is left on the top of my cheeks, but if you are using a different shade, you will want to apply the pigment before your base. All in all I think it is a great product.

Overall Summary
Price -  $21 {3g}
Likes - Gorgeous colour which can be used dry or wet.
Dislikes - Fall out.
Verdict - Purchasing Rock Candy.
Available - MAC website

What do you think about MAC pressed pigments?


  1. I have several Mac lipsticks, foundation and primer, but I haven't tried their eye make-up. I use my Naked2 palette, but then that is bad for fall-out too. : / I love that colour in the pics though.


    1. Thanks beauty. You should definitely try it out. The colour is great, after looking at the available range it is probably my favourite one. Plus, fallout isn't a problem with this colour. Just dust and blend x

  2. This looks great, I actually use shimmer/glitter everyday so I LOVE it xxx

    1. Wow, that's interesting. I would love to see how you full off shimmer/ glitter daily hun. I tend to go to them during the weekends or evenings out. x

  3. I find MAC's pigments with smaller shimmer flakes are pretty long lasting but all of their ones with larger flakes inevitably fallout.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

    1. I think that's a problem with lots of shimmery eyeshadows. x

  4. I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying this product! :)

  5. I'm still quite uncertain about that product and the only thing I like is that it's quite pigmented.. I completely agree about the fall out.. so that's why I prefer using other product instead of this one unfortunately :(

    1. Is there any product you would suggest a bit similar to this but without the fall out? x


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