May 15, 2014

Mint topped with a hat

How to casually style disco pants, Spring outfit in disco pants
Disco pants - Glamorous   |   Jumper - Seppala   |   Hat - Colloseum   |   Sneakers - Sports shop in Finland {No idea which}   | Bracelets - Lindex & Ebay  |   Rings - Vanilla Shimmer
Styling disco pants with a hat
Handmade silver plated rings from Vanilla Shimmer

Hello beauties. Last weekend I was finally able to take pictures for an ootd post. With the constant weather changes and personal changes, I've just not really been up for taking outfit pictures. But I was feeling really happy on the weekend so I went for one of my constant go to items - Disco pants

I still remember when the disco pants craze started and I really wanted a pair but didn't want to spend as much as some people were spending. Eventually I did get a pair and fell in love with it. They are my go to items when it's warmer but not warm enough for skirts and dresses because they are very comfortable but at the same a bit more dressy than jeans.

Even though you can style disco pants for a night out with a lovely top and heels, I wasn't doing anything special on the weekend so I went casual. I styled these black disco pants with a mint dip hem jumper, a black hat and then decided to switch the colours a bit and went for pink sneakers. My jewellery for this outfit consisted of a mint mixed set from Lindex, a rainbow bracelet which I got on ebay and silver plated handmade rings from Vanilla Shimmer.

Overall, I quite liked how the outfit came out even though my hair became really messy after a while in the wind. 

What do you think about my outfit? How would you style disco pants?


  1. These look amazing on you, you have such a fab figure! Love the nails too stunning xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, mine too! Mint sisters! lol. Thanks lovely x


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