May 13, 2014

Review: Essence 24h 'Stays no matter what' waterproof eyeliner pen

Hello beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend with some well deserved you time and maybe even a Sunday pamper session. Today, I'd like to tell you my opinion of the Essence 24h 'Stays no matter what' waterproof eyeliner pen. Generally, I'm really bad at applying eyeliner so I usually stick to gel liners which I find much easier to apply. So when I saw the Essence eyeliner pen, I was eager to give it a try as I think it's a great idea for a product which you can use both at home and on the go. This is the first eyeliner pen I purchased, and I ended up disappointed.

Essence 24h stays no matter what waterproof eyeliner pen
Essence 24h waterproof eyeliner pen
Essence stays no matter what waterproof eyeliner pen Review
Essence eyeliner pen swatch

Packaging wise, it looks like pretty much any eyeliner pen I've seen. Kind of like a black marker but specifically for your eyes. The tip of the marker is quite sharp when it is new meaning you can make really thin lines and a nice flick. After a couple of uses, the tip of the marker becomes soft and makes it rather hard to make a proper flick. If you don't usually create a flick, then this shouldn't bother you. What I did was just hold the pen horizontally and apply the eyeliner using the body of the marker rather than the very tip.

I got this eyeliner pen in the colour 01 midnight black which is the only colour available for this specific item. It isn't the darkest black and most pigmented eyeliner you can find, but it was fine at first; I just used to apply two coats of it to achieve a darker colour. After a while, it became more grey than black and sometimes even with multiple layers, I could still not get the black I was trying to achieve. The application process was quite smooth for me and the eyeliner didn't tug on my eye area.

Now talking about the stay of the eyeliner, Essence claims it is waterproof and stays 24hrs. It so doesn't! If you rub the applied line 3 times, you will be left with a faint line that can barely be seen. And if the product comes in contact with water, it cleans off. Price wise, the products is really affordable and will cost you less than 2.50 EUR. But is that worth the money? Probably not. I'd rather pay a bit more and get something that is of better quality.

So in general, I didn't like this product and would not recommend it. Essence has a lot of great products, but this one just turned out to not be one of them.

Overall Summary
Price -  £2.50.
Likes - price.
Dislikes - not very pigmented, doesn't stay on long, not waterproof.
Verdict - Not recommended.
Available - Drugstores.

Have you tried this product? What did you think about it?


  1. I've tried a few other eyeliners like this that when you go to apply them they are not dark/pigmented enough. It's such a bummer, like, who whats a sheer, light eyeliner line? Haha.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. haha, I know right?! I've gotten a new one which is great and I love it. Will review it soon. x

  2. I got a different liner from Essence (not sure which one exactly, but also with a felt tip) and it works like a charm! It does fade a little but overall the staying power is quite good. Guess you got a bad one!

    1. It's just this specific product. If you got a different eyeliner from Essence that one could be bad. But after purchasing and using this product I read lots of reviews about it and lots of people had the same issue. So it could be just this one product that is a hit and miss. x

    2. Weird.. I did notice mine is anything but waterproof though! Didn't take the best moment to find this out; I was at a wedding xD

    3. Oh my! That was probably something. I've got a Catrice one now that's much nicer :)

  3. Hm...somehow i was never good with that type of liners. I keep smudging more than im really creating a nice winged look if you know what i mean. Have you tried any other brands liner of that kind that you would recommend instead?
    I usually use an angled brush and a dark shadow, instead of a eyeliner pen.


    1. Lol, yes I know what you mean. I guess with a few tries you get the hang of it. I am currently using a Catrice one which is absolutely amazing. Will let you know the name once I check. x


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