July 3, 2014

Hair Growth Journey: 7 Months Update

Hello beauties! I hope you have all been well. I really do hope it is sunny where you are because the weather in Latvia is ridiculous! And not the nice kind of ridiculous! Anyway, if you've been following my hair growth journey, you would probably know I promised to update you on the products I've been using and do a length check every 3 months. Unfortunately, with all the drama of moving, I wasn't able to film that video in May but was finally able to film it last weekend.

To catch up a bit, you can check out my Haircare Routine as of November 2013 right before I started the journey. You can also watch my First Length Check video at the beginning, and my 3 Month Update of my hair growth journey. 

Now, it's been 7 months since I started my journey to waist length hair. Which definitely sounds crazy and I knew it will take a lot of effort from my side but I'm up for it. Since my last update, here are the things I have changed:

Biotin pills
I ran out of my 5000mcg pills and got a bottle of Natrol 1000mcg biotin pills to help with hair growth and keep my nails long and strong.

Hair products
I still have a bit of some of my other conditioners and I am trying to use them up. But a while ago I got the Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructing Mask and I have been loving applying it every weekend on my hair.
I also got a couple of samples of Argan Dew products. I got the Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask and Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil both of which I reviewed. Their products are amazing! They make my hair super soft and smell lovely. 

Why not watch my video for more details and to see the length check. I'm excited to say my hair has grown! 

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  1. Nice video telling about Hair growth laser products . Your blog is awfully appealing. I found your blog innovative. I am contented with your post. I will visit you for more update. Thanks!

  2. How do you find the biotin pills, was there a noticeable difference? I've read mixed reviews but want to give it a shot, I always find my hair doesn't grow after a certain length haha.


    1. My personal opinion is that they definitely make your nails stronger and better. For hair, I think they help if you take them constantly and a difference can only be noticed after a few months. Still, I would not say biotin is the only reason my hair has grown. I had the same with my hair. It reached a certain length and wouldn't grow past hence why I started the journey as I want longer hair but feel it cannot get that long on its own.

  3. I didn't know consuming biotin pills could help the hair growth. thanks for sharing.


    1. I think it contributed to hair growth but isn't the only reason my hair has grown longer. I personally would not count only on them.

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