August 23, 2014

Rucksack/ Backpack loving

Hello beauties, I hope you are all having a great weekend. Before, I wasn't really in to the backpack trend as I don't usual carry a lot of stuff with me, and if I need to take a lot of things about, I'd much prefer a tote. I had seen a few bloggers styling them and I loved how it looked in some photos, I just wasn't sure how I'd pull it off. 

I recently got a pair of inline skates and have been using them quite a bit. They weren't expensive and are great as a form of sport as well as getting you to places super fast. So because I don't own a backpack/ rucksack, I have one issue when going for a ride: I have nowhere to keep my phone. At the moment I usually take a cross body bag but I can't keep my phone in it as I wouldn't want to crush it if I fall on my bum. So, I've been looking for a cute backpack and found quite a few ranging from 9.20 to 26.40.
I found this lovely backpack on the Newlook website. It's a gorgeous summer colour and print which I think will go with anything. This backpack is currently in the sale and costs only 9.20 which is the cheapest I have found.

I'm loving the floral print on this backpack. I found it in Bershka and think it would be great for riding inline skates as it seems a lot can fit into it. I think it would look quite nice with my inline skates since they are black and pink. It costs 24.99.

I saw this ruckpack and couldn't get over how cute the daisies look. This rucksack is available at LYDC London and costs 26.40. In comparison to the others I found, this one is a bit more pricey but it looks amazing and big enough to fit loads in.

The palm tree print is something else I've wanted and this backpack seems to be a great choice as it is colourful and should look great with my usual riding outfits. This backpack is available in the Newlook sale for 12.50.

I love macaroons, and I love colours, which is why this rucksack grabbed my attention immediately when I was on the LYDC London website. The macaroons are super cute and the rucksack will look amazing with different outfits. This rucksack is currently on sale for 22.80.

As you can see, there are many options and they all look so lovely. Unfortunately, I cannot get them all. I have to get one and would love you help in deciding as I am totally torn. 

Which one is your favourite?


  1. I looove backpacks, bershka one if my favourite, they are great for all seasons! i really want to get some skates they look SO fun! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thanks beauty. You should! You can get them in Decathlon for about 40 EUR xxx

  2. I love backpacks ! My favorite is White Palm Tree Print Backpack !


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