September 19, 2014

Wishtrend Wishlist

Hello beauties. Today I am posting about a website which may not be very well known but has quite a few very interesting products I would like to try. Wishtrend is a Korean based company which promotes Korean beauty products. The items available range from makeup, skin care, hair, body care and other beauty tools and accessories. 

Having found the site, I looked at all the available items and have put together a wishlist of the items I would mostly like to try first.
Because I love my hair and am trying to grow it out, I found the Argan oil hair products such as Argan Treatment Oil and the Argan Gold Treatment very interesting. If you've heard anything about Argan oil, you'd know how great it is for your hair. My current favourite Argan oil products are from Argandew. I reviewed their products in this post. If the korean ones are anything as good, then I would be one happy lady. 

Another hair care product I'd really like to try is the Curling Essence. My hair is naturally curly, and even though I chemically straighten it, it still retains it's curliness but is just a lot easier to handle {which is how I like it}. On certain days, I like to embrace my curliness, but taming the frizz and keeping my curls in place could be quite difficult without using a hundred different products. So I'm always intrigued when I find one product that does it all.

I also looked at some body care bits. I'm actually running low on body moisturizers as I left most behind, so I'd like something new and refreshing. My favourite body lotion from the website is the Nature Holic Body Lotion: Pink Grapefruit. I had a body butter with the same scent in Latvia and could not get enough of it.

Since I have a lot of space for makeup after my clear out, I think it is only natural to get some new products. With Autumn almost here in Barcelona, I've been putting together my wardrobe and makeup collection for the season and think the Creme de Velvet Lip Matte lipsticks in Iron Lady and Bordeaux will be a great addition as well as the eyeshadow in Cardamine Purple.

So those are a few of my favourite bits from the website. Stop by Wishtrend and let me know what products you'd like to try. 

Have you heard of Wishtrend? What is your favourite product?


  1. The lipsticks look lovely and the pink grapefruit I really need to shop around more and look at different sites xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I thought the same thing hun. It feels great to find new websites you didn't know about. x


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