December 6, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Men

Hello beauties. Today I'm continuing my 2014 gift guide posts with some suggestions on what to give your man, brother, son, dad or a close friend for Christmas. I've included quite a few items to fit the sports guy, gaming lover, photographer boyfriend, tech wiz as well as some things that are just great for any guy. Some of the items are great for girls as well, but today I'm focusing on the men we love. For this post, I got a bit of help from hubs so I have a man's perspective.


Health is the most important thing in life, and something we cannot buy. But what we can do is motivate people to exercise and eat healthy. Lots of guys love sports, some more than others but still. Here in Barcelona, I think most men do 1 type of sport or another; whether it is going to the gym, out for a run or cycling. My brother for example would absolutely love to get a Weight Bench. The BM 210 Weight Benches and Stands lets you work on your back, legs and arm. It's a fab gift if you have where to put it in your apartment. A Bfold 7 folding city bike is another great gift. In a city like barcelona, lots of people use them for transportation, so you don't need to pay for the metro or tram. What is great about this specific bike is it is foldable which means even if you have a small elevator and live on the 5th floor, it is very easy to take it up to your apartment.

If your man already has a bike, why not get him some accessories for it. If he doesn't want the bike missing, he'll definitely need a good bike lock. Another thing hubs seems to find necessary is a pump, so he can tune up the tires whenever needed. I'd suggest trying out one like the ZEFAL Profil Max FP 30 Floor Pump, because this is one thing you don't want to be cheap with. We tried an inexpensive one and had to get rid of it same day we bought it as it just wasn't working. Lastly, one bike accessory I find necessary if you suffer from topographical cretinism like me is a Smartphone Bike Mount so you have the map in your phone as a guide when moving around.


Lots of guys love tech gadgets. A useful tech gift would be a pocket sized solar charger like the Powermonkey Discovery. It's portable and gives you the opportunity to recharge your phone on the go. If your man is into photography, a Canon lens 50mm f1.8 II is a great addition to his collection. This lens has a shallow depth of field and is great if you like the blurred background effect. It is popular for portrait photography and some bloggers like to use it for videos or product photography. Another great gadget for a photography lover is an external harddrive. I've got a 1tb toshiba external harddrive and I love it. So I'd recommend trying the Toshiba 2tb Disco Duro. An external harddrive is also something a tech wiz would love. And if he likes playing games, you can treat him to a new gamepad like the Nvidia Gamepad Shield Wireless Controller. I love that it is wireless as this keeps things a bit more tidy.

Suitable for every man

Now if your man doesn't like either of the mentioned items, you can always go with a great watch. I love the Fossil Townsman Blue Leather Strap Watch as it is great for everyday but also looks good for an outing. And lastly, we all want out men smelling the best, so you can treat him to a new perfume. I've smelt my fair share of mens perfumes and I really like the Hugo Boss Bottled and Espirit Simply You, to name a few.

I hope that gives you some ideas on possible gifts this holiday season for your man. I'm going to be checking out some of the items I've found while researching for this post, and will get something for hubs.

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Any more ideas for gifts for men?

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