December 10, 2014

Review: Confume Argan Treatment Oil

Hello beauties. A while ago, I made my first order with Wishtrend. If you'd like to know more about the brand and what type of products you can find there, be sure to check out my Wishtrend Wishlist. I ordered some haircare products because my hair needs some more love. I decided to try out the Confume Argan Treatment Oil which is 100% pure argan oil. Prior to this, I've tried the Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil and I wanted to see how a cheaper brand would compare to this.

Confume Argan Treatment Oil from Wishtrend
Confume Argan Oil
Confume 100% pure argan oil

The product comes in a bottle with a screw on cap; no nozzle of any kind which I personally don't mind because I don't apply this oil to my scalp. I got 2 bottles; a 120ml bottle and a 25ml bottle. I am really happy about this because it means I have a little bottle of argan oil with me whenever I am travelling. And even if I run out of this specific oil, I can always just reuse the bottle and put another hair oil in it. The Confume Argan Treatment Oil has a sweet smell which I think is typical for argan oil. I personally love the sweet smell {it doesn't linger on your hair when applied if that bothers you}.

The oil feels silky smooth when applied on your hair. It locks in the moisture of your hair which is why it is better to apply it on slightly damp hair, and it tames frizz. It is also said to protect hair from heat and shorten the drying time, but I can't comment on this because I don't use heat on my hair and I don't apply the oil on very damp hair. Another benefit of the oil which is quite unnoticeable by the eyes is that it repairs dry damaged hair. It is hard to tell when your hair is already healthy, but I can definitely say my hair feels pretty good after applying the oil to it.

The oil leaves my hair smelling and feeling great, but I can't help but feel like the Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil is better. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with the product and feel it is a good dupe if you'd like a cheaper alternative. Let me know if there are any other brands of Argan oil you think I should try.

Overall Summary
Price - $18.45.
Likes - smells great and leaves my hair feel soft & silky.
Dislikes - None.
Verdict - I would repurchase.
Available - Wishtrend.

Have you tried the Confume Argan Treatment Oil or purchased anything from Wishtrend? 

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