February 9, 2015

Birthday Wishlist 2015

For me, february is the month each year I turn a little older. I love having friends over to celebrate and I love presents {well, who doesn't?!}. Sometimes, it gets tough trying to come up with a gift idea for a friend or loved one, which is why I like wish lists. So I've put together my own birthday wishlist which could help my family and friends if they are stuck.

I've wanted a Michael Kors bag for ages but I just can never justify the purchase. There's always this or that, that's more important. Now I've got my eye on the Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Tote in Black. It is a gorgeous bag and I absolutely love it. It is so versatile and amazing quality which means I'll wear it for a very long time. Plus it is in a classic style, so it'll never really go out of trend. 

I love tech gadgets! Whether it's phones, cameras, speakers, earphones or anything else, I'm always for it. I've been lusting after the iphone 6 in gold as I think the specifications are better than that of the 4S, I need more space on my phone and would love to take better pictures. Another tech item I've got on my list which will fuel my love for dance is the kinect. Hubs got the xbox one this year and ever since I've wanted to get Just Dance 2015 so I can dance battle with my friends. And since I recently got myself the Canon 70D, all camera accessories such as SD cards, filters, sun protectors would definitely be useful.

My office/ beauty room is getting quite overflown with products as well as other things here and there. And since we moved in, I've wanted to redo that room to make it a lot prettier and a bit more me. I think spring is the best time for this as I can paint and air the room then put in all the furniture I want. I need a lot more space so my table isn't crowded, and after taking measurements, 2 of the Gersby bookcases will fit perfectly. They are inexpensive and I'll have a lot more space to store all my stuff. I also need some acrylic storage and heard the MUJI 3 Drawer Unit is amazing as it is big enough for even foundation to fit it. Lastly, isn't this Bird Heart Shaped Jewellery Dish just the cutest for storing everyday jewellery?!

There isn't any time of the year when I'll say no to makeup. I'm just like that. Since I'm always at the drugstore getting myself one thing or the other, I find it pretty cool when friends and family treat me to some high end makeup. Personally, I love anything from MAC or Sephora.

Is your birthday in February? What's on your wishlist?

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