June 15, 2015

Summer Fitness Goals

Summer Fitness Goals

I've always liked fitness, even as a kid. As an adult, I target my fitness routine towards staying toned and usually work on my abs and butt. While working from home, my fitness routine was limited to a 30 minute workout which didn't require machines or other heavy fitness equipment. This routine was working well for me, giving me the results I wanted {when I was consistent}, but ever since starting my new job I no longer have time in the mornings to spend on this routine. So about 2 month ago, I signed up to the gym. The gym has a good number of machines, a padel court, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas etc making it quite a great place to workout and relax. 

Lately, my fitness journey hasn't been going too smoothly and I'd like to have a consistent routine, so I've put together a few goals I'd like to achieve. 

1. Drink more water
I am absolutely horrible at drinking water. I know this is a problem and I'm trying to improve but still finding it a bit difficult. Especially since the cover of my infuser bottle broke which means I can no longer make my daily lemon water to take to work. I find it more difficult to drink plain water as I feel it's just boring, so I've ordered a new bottle. I'm also using the Waterbalance app to measure my water intake.

2. Regular gym visits
At the moment, I go a minimum of once a week and sometimes even this gets disrupted by family visits and stuff. But I'd really like to go 3 times a week so I achieve better results in a month and basically get my money's worth. I'm working on scheduling everything into my calendar so I'm organized and able to achieve more than when I'm just spontaneous. 

3. Get some abs
I don't know what it is about those little cubes on your belly but I love me some abs on both men and women. I like more defined abs on men but on women I prefer them to be softer. I've been working on getting abs since last year. But with abs, you need to be consistent in order to see good results and I just wasn't, so even though I have quite a flat belly I'm still far from having great abs.

4. The perfect butt
Nothing better than a good firm butt. Well, maybe there is but not a lot. I've been working on my butt for a while but a bit more consistently the last two months. I find that if you can't squeeze in a workout, following the routine of 20 squats each time you go to the ladies/mens room works very well because at the end of the day you'd have done about 100 squats without a lot of effort. 

5. Run 10 kms
Another goal still linked to exercising is being able to run longer distances. I've noticed that when I run, I'm only able to do shorter distance of about 3km, after which I get tired and quite bored on the treadmill. So I'm working on endurance so I can do a 10km run one of these days.

6. Daily smoothies
This time last year, I started on a smoothie hype drinking a cup of green smoothie a day and honestly it was the best feeling ever. I was able to get in my daily dose of fruits and vegs and I really did see a difference in my body. My skin was brighter, I got less breakouts, I felt more energized and healthier in general. I've fallen off that train and currently have a smoothie about once a week. Now it's time to get back on and either have smoothies as a meal replacement or as a snack between meals. I'm looking for new recipes to try so if you have any, be sure to let me know.

What are your fitness goals this summer?

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