July 30, 2015

Review: Deliplus Transparent Mascara

Deliplus Transparent Mascara
Deliplus Transparent Mascara Review
Transparent Mascara

I've been a huge fan of the transparent mascara for years now. I think I started off by using the ELF Essential Clear Brow & Lash Mascara, and after that I was hooked. After moving to Barcelona, I was looking for another one to try and ended up finding a local brand which is sold at Mercadona supermarkets.

The Deliplus transparent mascara comes in a transparent mascara tube and you can see the clear gel. I love the colour of the packaging as I've got a thing for pink. Usually, I use the transparent mascara when going to the gym or underneath my everyday mascara. It helps comb out and prime my lashes for the coloured mascara I am going to apply. Obviously with constant use, it gets slightly dirty, but I try to apply it to clean eyelashes to avoid that.

I honestly use this product every single day and think it makes a big difference in how my mascara brushes on and looks afterwards. 

Do you use anything to prime your lashes?

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