July 7, 2015

Travel: Malta Boat Trip

Boats in Malta
Cruising on a boat
Boat cruise ootd
mini water caves in malta
Enjoying the boat ride with nautica
Beautiful swimming spot in malta

If you follow me on social media you probably already know I spent a week in Malta and just got back. It was such an amazing time with lots of fun with the family and at the same time lots of relaxing. I really cannot wait to go back again.

One of the days was spent cruising on a boat and swimming in the clear blue waters. We rented 2 boats from Nautica as we all couldn't fit on one and had a trip around the waters of Malta. The boat had about 3 cabins but most of us spent the time on top looking at what's around. Everything was so pretty and the boat wasn't too shaky. I'm not one to get sea sick but that might be something important to you if you're thinking of taking a boat out. The weather was very hot so everyone was happy when we finally made a stop to swim. 

One of the other families had the snorkeling equipment so I was able to use that to look at all the fishes and how great the water looked underneath. I was actually quite sad I couldn't take underwater photos, and have now decided to get a go pro or a cheaper alternative so if you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate if you could leave them in the comments.

Where are you off to on your summer vacation?

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