August 4, 2015

Summer Holiday Essentials

Summer holiday essentials

Earlier this summer I went on an amazing vacation to Malta. It is such a beautiful place and I would definitely recommend you go if you're still planning your vacation for this year or even next year. You can check out my posts and pictures in my Segway Tour post and Malta Boat Trip post.

I thought I'd share a few things I believe everyone needs to take when going on vacation. I've picked just a few items from clothing, beauty and tech gadgets I think are top essentials for your trip.

1. Sunscreen

Whether on vacation or just going out into the sun, the most important item you need is sunscreen. The UV rays affect our skin even when it is cloudy and you can still get sunburnt without the sun. So either you take a small bottle with you or you buy one once you get to your destination. I'd say you need a minimum of SPF30, although SPF50 is always better as it gives more protection.

2. Bikini

A holiday is never complete without a bikini or two. I love going to the beach either to sunbath or swim, so I took a couple of bikinis with me when going to Malta and just kept one in the trunk of the car in case I need it. Another option when going to an island is to wear your bikini as you never know where you could end up.

3. Camera

My camera is one of my best friends. I rarely take any trips without it as I love taking pictures. It leaves behind something to look at afterwards and have a few laughs, as well as something to share with friends and family. Everyone wants to know what you were up to while on vacation.

4. Sunglasses

I find sunglasses really important in the summer. Obviously, I wouldn't recommend wearing them while tanning as you'll end up looking like zoro. But they are necessary when going out to explore the city or island you are visiting. On my trip to Madrid earlier this year, I forgot my sunglasses. Even though I was there just for a day,  I found the closest shop and got myself a cheap pair which still has good protection.

5. Portable charger

Ever since getting my Olixar Encharge Portable Charger, I cannot imagine vacation without it. Even though we didn't use 3G/4G in Malta as it is very expensive, I still spent quite a bit of time on my phone when I had access to wifi plus we used our phones for navigation, so sometimes we needed to charge them on the go. The Olixar portable charger was perfect as it has enough power for 5 charges which meant nobody had to worry.

6. Nail polish

If your trip is short, just doing your nails before might be enough. But if it is a week long or more, I'd recommend taking your favourite nail polish with you, so you can reapply it. Nothing ruins a beautiful sunny picture like horribly chipped nails. For vacation, I like to pick a neutral colour or one which goes with all the outfits you have planned for your vacation. I took the Rimmel 60 second nail polish by Rita Ora in White Hot Love with me as it is such a gorgeous shade and you definitely cannot go wrong with it.

There are other items I think are also important like your phone and makeup {which you'll still take either way} but these are the top essentials I think should be in your travel bag.

What other items are a must have for your vacation?

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