June 3, 2016

Natural Hair Wishlist {June}

In my post on the Struggles of transitioning to natural hair, I shared my plan to go fully natural at the beginning of June. For me, this is a whole event and I'll probably have champagne to celebrate because well, champagne is always a good idea. Anyway, I have very little time left and there are a few things I have been lusting over. I already have a lot of products which I am still working my way through, but I'm lacking some haircare and styling tools.


I try to deep condition my hair weekly or bi-weekly and usually use a hooded dryer attachment. This is the only time I use heat on my hair because heat helps the products penetrate deeper and properly moisturize my hair. But the heat from blowdryers is still bad, so I would like to eliminate this from my routine and the Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Cap from Hot Head Thermal Hair Care is just what I need. It's easy to use and you're not fixed to one one place as there are no wires involved. 

Staying on the topic of washing hair, I've seen Scalp Massage Brushes being used by quite a few bloggers now and I really want to try one. Massaging the scalp stimulates new hair growth and encourages the hair nutrients to flow through the shaft. Since I'll be growing my hair as long as possible, I can use all the help I can get.

Another haircare item I need is a Satin Pillowcase. Cotton pillow cases are the path to hair breakage, so I usually sleep in a satin bonnet/scarf. But sometimes, my satin scarf comes off and my hair gets exposed to the cotton. For double protection, I think it would be nice to have satin pillowcases which are milder on the skin and hair. 

Lastly for haircare, is a T-Shirt Towel. During my transition, I found out that using a towel isn't the best way to dry your hair. The fibres increase frizz and there is a higher chance of breakage, so I took some old t-shirts from hubs and have been using those instead. But then I came across Breezy Tee and I am loving the Turquoise and Cobalt Hair Towel.

Hair styling

One hairstyle I am beginning to love is a good wash and go, but at the moment, my hair takes minimum 6 hours to air dry which means it's not something I can do if I need to get ready quickly. I've seen videos where you get amazing results using a Blow Dryer and Diffuser but mine is so old, that I want a new one. I plan to use it on the cool setting and the diffuser will help distribute the air to give me a nice voluminous wash and go.

Lastly, Curlformers. After seeing videos on results achieved using curlformers, I was slightly hooked. The process is so easy and the results are amazing. Who doesn't want perfect curls right? Since the original Curlformers are quite expensive, I've found a cheaper alternative on ebay called Magic Hair Curler.

What other interesting haircare or styling items do you think I need for my natural hair?

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