December 27, 2016

Last Minute Getaway to Tarragona

Where to stay in Tarragona
La Figuerola Resort & Spa
About 2 weeks ago, we were home on Saturday with no plans and suddenly decided we wanted to do something interesting. We looked up available hotels in Tarragona and made a last minute decision to go stay overnight in a hotel which has a Spa so we can relax a bit and do some exploring. We chose La Figuerola Resort & Spa which is located in Vandellos, about 150km or 1.6hrs away from Barcelona. 

La Figuerola Resort & Spa Interior

The interior of the hotel has a natural vintage feel which is very cozy and comfortable. The hotel has an Outdoor Golf course, a Gym, an Outdoor Swimming Pool and a Spa. And if you're feeling like treating yourself, you can order a massage or a facial. There is also a restaurant, a cafe/bar, conference rooms, parking and wifi. Making it an amazing destination all year round for vacation and business.

Review of La Figuerola Resort and Spa in Tarragona, Spain

We arrived quite late on Saturday since it was a last minute decision, had dinner and just stayed indoors. The crisp white sheets were a dream to sleep on. The next morning, we had breakfast and headed to the Spa which is open from 10:00. The spa isn't very big, but was perfect for a bit of relaxing time before heading off to do some exploring. We spent about 1.5hrs enjoying the sauna, indoor swimming pool with cervical and lumbar jets, and Jacuzzi. 

Review of a Hotel in Spain

All the employees were pleasant and very helpful when we had a couple of questions. Which I think also contributes to how relaxed and happy we felt. And for a last minute booking, it wasn't too expensive. The only downside for us was that pets are not allowed, so we couldn't take Candy. But we had an amazing night alone and then drove off to L'Ametlla de Mar to meet up with some friends. 

L'Ametlla De Mar, Tarragona
L'Ametlla de Mar beach, Spain
L'Ametlla de Mar, Spain

L'Ametlla de Mar is a town in the province of Tarragona which has beautiful blue beaches and houses a small port. Fishing is very popular in this town, and at the port you can find private and touristic boats. The water here is very clear making it perfect for water sports, snorkelling and scuba diving. I'll definitely be visiting again in the summer as I love snorkelling and really want to try scuba diving. I love visiting new places and cannot wait for our next trip, so please leave me some suggestions on hotels and cities/towns around Barcelona which I should visit.

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What other towns are a must see in the Tarragona area?


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