April 26, 2017

5 Things I am Thankful for this Month {April}

Things I am Thankful for this month

This year I'm trying to focus more on the positive, because lots of times we get consumed with complaining and negativity, and forget to pay attention to the positive things that happen in our lives. Big or small, it doesn't really matter, they all count, and I want to encourage everyone to pay a bit more attention to them. It will definitely make you happier.

1. The weather

Spring & Summer are my favourite seasons because the weather is warmer, flowers start to bloom and the days get longer meaning I can do some photography after work. And if you didn't know, I've got an Instagram & Facebook page as a photographer, and I would love you to support me there as well.

2. My partner 

This month marks 8 years I've known him and we've been together. We aren't perfect and we have our ups and downs, but we love each other and he supports me. In these years, we've changed. We've both grown into adults, moved to a different country and have much more responsibilities than before. I'm looking forward to the 90 more years we spend together {soz for the cheesiness}

3. My Dog Candy for being so understanding

We recently got a kitten and candy has been such a good and understanding pup in regards to this. She grew up with a cat so it wasn't totally new to her but he's still a kitten and always wants to play with her, and she's already 6 years old so doesn't find it as interesting. I'm sure Leo pisses her off sometimes, but she loves him anyway.

4. New adventures

I'm learning how to skate with a longboard. It isn't easy and I'm scared of hills and uneven ground, but I'm getting better and more confident. So far, I have fallen once. I can't wait for next month to get my own board and practice some more.

5. Family & Great friends

Between an allergy reaction to feeling bad about my photography, I had some down moments this month when I doubted myself. All through this, my family and friends supported me and made me feel a lot better. I appreciate having such amazing people who care about me.

Tell me a couple of things that you're thankful  for this month, big & small?

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