December 11, 2017

Things To Do To Boost Your Confidence

Boosting your confidence, Getting back your confidence after its been hit

There are some people that rock their confidence and you can tell from the very moment, you meet them, and there are those of us who feel sightly or a lot less confident. This changes over time and I've seen confident people partially lose their confidence and other less confident people boost their confidence over time. This is a normal change in life which occurs due to the impact of our surroundings. Having a good confidence level is important because this helps us improve our lives and build our future. It may help you land that amazing position you've been longing for, or getting that dream job. It would also impact personal relationships with your partner. Here are some things I found have been helping me over the last few months to regain my confidence.

Surround yourself with positivity

The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your wellbeing. If there is negativity around you, this will put a dent in your confidence and you will begin to doubt yourself. So in order to be the most confident and best person you could you, you need to clean up your friend circle and those you hang out with. If there is anyone who doesn't fill you with positive vibes and support you to become a better person, then I'm sorry but they have to go.

Groom yourself

Beauty related activities have a positive effect on our physical appearance and mental health. Getting a new haircut, getting your nails done or painting them yourself, shaving or getting a laser treatment. All these activities make women feel good. We step out of the salon feeling and looking like a million bucks. 

Dress up nicely

Looking good and feeling good are tied in my opinion. There is something so self satisfying and confidence boosting in putting on an amazing outfit, toping it off with some stunning heels and stepping out the door. Personally, whenever I've got my shit together and I'm slaying a look, I feel like I can take on the world. Honestly, throw anything my way and I'll be sure to smash it. So put an effort into styling your daily outfits and you'll definitely get a kick in your step.

Body language

Body language is a huge part of confidence. Therefore as you work on feeling and being more confident, you'll also need to work on emitting confidence in the way you present yourself to others. Work on your posture, stand straight and keep your head up high. When talking to people, maintain eye contact and smile. One of my favourite quotes says (and it's not just because I like pineapples): 
"Be a Pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside"

Go out your comfort zone

Doing things that you are not fully comfortable with helps expand your comfort zone, and having positive results from such things makes you feel good about yourself. By achieving things you thought you couldn't do before, you grow as a person and your confidence grows as well. You don't have to jump straight into the big stuff, start with small things like eating something you've never wanted to, trying a different top than you'd usually buy, etc.

Remember what you've achieved

As you're boosting your confidence, you may still have moments when you doubt yourself. In such cases, it's important to make a list or look back on what you have already achieved. If I'm having a hard time, I could for example look back at how difficult and impossible it felt when I was juggling 2 Masters and a job. I was able to power through that, and I'm proud of that achievement.

Uniqueness is beautiful

Accept that we are all unique in our own way, and that is the beauty of life. There are no two identical people, and therefore do not compare yourself to others. Some people are good at certain things and others are better at other things. No matter what, always remember: You are Unique, You are Beautiful, flaws and all. Remind yourself this daily if you have doubts until you believe it.

What are your suggestions for boosting confidence levels?

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