October 28, 2018

What To Do When Visiting Santorini

What to do in Santorini, Greece

Santorini has gotten a lot of fame over the last few years. Probably every blogger/influencer has been there or is planning to visit soon. There is something about the white washed buildings that looks so amazing on instagram photos. Here are some of the things that you can do when visiting Santorini, because Oia is not the only location worth a visit.

Perissa Beach

The Perissa beach is one of the famous beaches of Santorini known for its black sand. The beach is filled with black sand and stones. The stones are of different colours and are sharpened by the waves of the ocean. It's a beautiful place to just get a tan or if you're interested in some water activities, you can take a tour with a jetski.

Perissa Beach
Top places to visit in Santorini

One Day Santorini Tour

I'm usually not one for taking tours when I'm going on vacation, but because we didn't rent a car in Santorini, we decided to take a tour. It turned out to be amazing and totally worth the 30 EUR we paid per person. On the tour, you are able to visit the Volcanoes of Santorini, the hot springs and then Oia.

Santorini Day Tour
Santorini Volcanoes

Visiting Oia

The most popular location in Santorini is Oia, probably for the blue dome roofs and white washed buildings which you'll find. The view is unmistakeable and even though it will be very crowded, it is definitely worth the visit. I'd recommend getting there by bus rather than the boat, because the stairs up into the city are quite steep and would require quite a bit of work.

Exploring Oia
Visiting Oia

Staying for an Oia Sunset/ Sunrise

The Sunset in Oia is probably one of the most popular in the world. The view on how the sun sets on the horizon gives for the most beautiful colours and memories. It will be extremely crowded, so it is recommended to already grab a spot at least an hour before the sunset if you'd like the best views. We decided to watch the sunset in style and took a lovely spot in a restaurant with a glass of wine.

Oia Sunset
Famous Santorini Sunset

Take a trip to Thira

Thira is the capital of Santorini and the main link for transportation between the different towns. A day trip to walk around Thira and explore the small streets and souvenir stores is recommended. 

Thira, Santorini

Go off the regular path of popular photo locations

You've probably seen the exact same buildings from Oia in the photos of most bloggers/influencers. These may sometimes be marked as the most photographic locations of Santorini. But I've found that going off the regular route and just exploring the small streets of Santorini will give you some amazing and unique shots. The smaller streets and hidden gems in Santorini are just as beautiful.

Walking the small streets of Oia
Unique Santorini photo location
What to do in Santorini

Have you already visited Santorini? Tell me about your experience.

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