March 11, 2019

72 hours Vienna Itinerary

72 hours Vienna Itinerary

Vienna is a beautiful place to visit whether in the Winter or in the Summer. I must admit the weather conditions and the gardens are much prettier in the Spring and Sumer months, but so are the tourist groups. Visiting Vienna off-season means there are a lot less people at all the tourist locations and even though the gardens aren't filled with flowers, they are still beautiful.

There's a lot to see in Vienna, and you can probably spend weeks exploring because Vienna has so many beautiful buildings, but if you're up for a short trip to a new country/ city, here are some of the places I recommend visiting in 72 hours.

Day 1

Goldenes Quartier

Such beautiful architecture located in the center of Vienna where you have all the luxury stores for those who are interested in shopping.

Vienna Burgtheater

The Austrian National Theater which is the most important German language theater stages around 800 performances a year. The architecture is impressive from the outside and I can only imagine what it looks like on the inside.

Burgtheater Vienna


One of the most famous streets in the center of Vienna located in the 1st district and houses so many beautiful buildings, lots of shops and cafes. It's a beautiful place to sit and have a coffee, grab a new suit which you wanted or just have a walk. Although there are always quite a few people here, and I have been told that in the Summer it is way worse. So maybe pick earlier mornings to visit this.

St. Stephens Cathedral

The most popular cathedral in Vienna is a Gothic Style building with the most beautiful multicoloured tiled roof. You can climb approx 320 steps to get to the tower of the cathedral for a view of the city. I've heard the sunset from the top is beautiful but you'll only see this in the winter as it closes at about 17.30pm.

St. Stephens Cathedral Vienna

St Peters Church

With it's turquoise domes, the St. Peters Church is the second oldest church in Vienna but also speculated to maybe be the olders. With its beautiful architecture and statues, it can be found in the hidden streets of the center of Vienna. 

St. Peters Church

Vienna Opera House

One of the leading Opera houses in the world is found in Vienna. We only got to see this from the outside but I can imagine how beautiful it is on the inside. 

Vienna Opera House

Hofburg Palace

Built in the 13th century, it now serves as the residence and workplace of the President of Vienna. While visiting the palace we met a few friends who had a ballet presentation here and I bet that would have been beautiful to watch.

Day 2

Schoenbrun Palace Gloriette

This is such a beautiful place where you can take a walk and enjoy the gardens. The gardens are open from March and are filled with beautiful flowers in the summer. The palace is also beautiful in the winter time. You will notice locals jugging along the pathways in the evenings.

Schoenbrun Palace Vienna

Haus des meeres

This is an Aqua Terra Aquarium made up of 8 floors of different animals. We visited here for a chilled Sunday and I honestly loved it. I'd definitely recommend going here is you're visiting Vienna with kids. On the last floor is a terrace which gives you a panoramic view of Vienna that is to die for. So even if you're not up for all the fishy creatures, make sure you make your way to the top floor.

Top tourist locations Vienna

Day 3

Belvedere Palace

We visited Belvedere on a chilly morning and it was beautiful. The flowers were just being planted and will be ready for Spring. Taking a picture of the back gardens is much better in the evening so the sun is behind you.

Belvedere Palace

Cafe Central

The most popular cafe in Vienna has the most beautiful architecture on the inside. It is located in the center of Vienna and is so popular you will have to queue on the outside for a while in order to get it. Having already had coffee, we weren't ready to wait 20 mins just for some pictures of the inside, so we walked off to explore the rest of Vienna.


Karlskirche or St. Charles Church is a beautiful architectural structure made up of Greek and Roman elements. It has a pool in front of it which makes for a beautiful photograph with reflection, but this can only be seen in the summer as the pool is drained in the winter months.

Karlskirche Vienna


A square in Vienna Innere Stadt (Old Town) with its beautiful architecture and horse carriages in front, this place gives off such a charming vibe. 

Palace of Justice

From the outside, this didn't impress me as much as once we got in. We were allowed to get in but were told pictures are prohibited. The architecture inside probably impressed me more than anything else in Vienna. The structure, the colours, everything was so amazing and I wish I could share it all with you. Even if you cannot take pictures, this is one building definitely worth going inside.

Vienna Prater

An amusement park located in the 2nd district of Vienna with a giant ferris wheel which is one of Vienna's symbols. The park is closed in the winter months, but is still a great place for photos with the ferris wheel or carousels.

Vienna Prater


An apartment house which is known as the most colourful building of Vienna, is made up of many beautiful colours and is becoming a popular tourist location. It also makes for beautiful instagram pictures if you're looking for photography spots in Vienna.

Hundertwasserhaus Vienna

Uniqa tower

The Uniqa tower is one of Vienna's landmarks standing 75m tall and with a unique structure. I just love how the building is made of glass and has a different shape than other buildings around. Also, I've read that the building gets lit up in the evenings and looks absolutely beautiful.

Uniqa tower Vienna

3 days in Vienna Itinerary

Have you already been to Vienna?


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