August 11, 2019

How To Download And Use Lightroom Mobile Presets on Iphone & Android

I'm sure you've seen all the coordinated instagram feeds and beautiful edits people do on their instagram pages now. In order to get such a coordinated feed, you need to edit your images so they look good together. Also people want to be able to quickly edit their images and Lightroom Presets are all the hype right now.

The presets people choose depends on their preference as some people like Moody shots, others just want a slight edit, and some prefer a clean or grey edit. There are presets for everyone. But what are presets you may ask and how do I use these? Here are all the details!

What are Lightroom Presets?

A Lightroom Preset is a predetermined combination of sliders in the Lightroom application which helps quickly edit your photos and give them a similar style.

Lightroom presets are the way to step up your instagram game and create a cohesive feel like all the top influencers. The best part of these mobile Lightroom Preset is that the Lightroom app is available for Free for your mobile in the app store! Whether you use an iphone or android, you can easily download the Lightroom app and begin editing.

Getting the App

Firstly, go into the app store, find the app "Adobe Lightroom" and click on download. Once you've installed the app, you'll need to create an account for free. Then, you can either manually edit any image you like or you'll need some presets.

How to Install Mobile Presets on iOS

1. Go to the link provided and select the Preset you want to Install. Then click on the "Download" icon.
How to download Lightroom Mobile Presets on iOS

2. Once the page loads, click "Open in Lightroom". The Preset should be loaded in your Lightroom app. Click the three dots on the top right corner to bring up the options.
How to download Lightroom Mobile Presets

3. Click on "Organize" and select "Add to". This will keep all your presets in one place
Creating folders for presets in Lightroom Mobile

4. Select the Presets Folder. Please note this needs to be pre created in Lightroom

How to Install Mobile Presets Android

1. Open the location of the Lightroom presets and click on the three dots in the right corner of the image. A pop up will be shown. Select "Download" to get the preset on your device.
downloading mobile presets on android

2. Create a Presets folder where you will store your presets to keep them organized. Go into the Presets folder and click on the "+".
Adding Mobile Presets to Lightroom App on Android

3. Select Add Photos From "Device"

4. Select the preset(s) you want to import to Lightroom. Note that the correct Preset file to add is that which says "Raw" in the corner of the image
Selecting Mobile Presets to add on Lightroom Android

5. The Presets will now show up in the specified folder
How to Download a Mobile Preset on Android

How to apply a Mobile Preset to my image (Option 1)

1. Open the Preset Image in your folder and click the three dots at the top right corner. A pop up will appear, select "Copy Settings". Make sure all the assigned boxes are selected and click the tick at the top right corner
Copy the settings of the preset to transfer it to another image

2. Open the Image you want to apply the preset to and select the three dots at the top right corner. Select "Paste Settings"
Paste the Preset setting to an image to edit it

3. Done! This is your final edit. You can adjust the setting if you need.

How to apply a Mobile Preset to my image (Option 2)

1. Open the Preset Image and click the three dots at the top right corner. A pop up will appear, select "Create Preset"

2. Name the preset e.g Beach Preset Anitasky, and click on the tick at the top right corner. Your preset will then be saved under "User Presets" in the Presets tab.

3.Open the image you would like to edit, scroll to the Presets tab and select the preset you have created. This will be under the User Presets.

4. Done. Your image is edited. You can adjust the settings if you feel it is over or under exposed.

Hopefully this has been helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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