August 7, 2019

Top instagrammable locations in Vienna

Whenever I plan a trip to a new city or country I usually google the top tourist locations in order to find what I consider interesting and want to see. Usually I can get some amazing photos right at the location or wander off and find a spot that has a good view, but that usually takes time.

So what I've been doing lately is googling some of the best photography locations in the cities I visit. This saves you time looking for how to get the perfect shot which also means you can see more of the city. And then if you have time, you can wander.

After my trip to Vienna, I was very happy with the pictures we created and I thought I'd share some of the best photography spots of Vienna with you all.

Opera State House

Climb up the stairs to the Albertina Museum and you'll get a beautiful view of the Opera House. You can take a picture of just the building or you can climb up on the railing and strike a pose like I did.

Schoenbrunn palace

If you've seen my post 72 hours Vienna Itinerary, you'd already know how beautiful I think Scheonbrunn is. You can take so many beautiful photos from wherever in this place. But 2 of the best places I found were at the entrance with the lightpost, and from the balcony facing the Schoenbrunn Gloriette.

Schoenbrun palace

Top photography spots in Vienna

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace in the summer is probably one of the most beautiful places. It's got a beautiful floral garden and I can just imagine it's a popular wedding photography location. And if it's good enough for wedding photography, it's definitely good enough for the gram.

Belvedere Palace photography


The most colourful building in Vienna makes for a perfect instagrammable spot with the different colours of the building.

Top instagramable spots in Vienna

Haus des Meeres

There's a lovely tunnel with lots of fishes in Haus de Meeres, and the view from the top of the building is amazing. If you've got time or are visiting with kids, this is highly recommended.

Those are some of the top spots you have to stop by for great instagram images if you are visiting Vienna. I found that in Vienna there were so many amazing locations if you just wander around as well.

Have you already visited Vienna? Let me know your thoughts.

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